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The Opportunity and why now?2

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The Opportunity and why now?
The vision and the main goal of our platform is "Technology to market !" 
The goal is to promote successful collaborations and mutual business  success with maximum innovation and flexibility, all for the "long run".  
Our business platform and activity is and will be relevant to support any selected unique Israeli company that wish to penetrate the Chinese market (and the Asian market), and to assist selected strategic investors and investment companies (from China and more) who wish to implement Israeli technology in China.
The "Wave" between China and Israel had begun and CIS has an influence on its creation.
What is happening now between China and Israel is only the beginning and it's mainly financial. We find great opportunities in different kinds of activities and now it's our time to evolve and expand our business and add to the process all the friends and supporters around us. 
Now CIS is heading to the stage of financing, which aims to expand its operations and will allow the company to move forward, become a leading investments platform between China and Israel and bring Israeli technology to the Chinese market and to other Asian markets.
The company "Road Show" was planned to be held in Mar-May 2015, Confirmation in June-August 2015, Fund Call Up (First closing) in September 2015, and Fund Call up (Second closing) in 2016.


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