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Israel has 4-5 thousands of startups companies, each year we witness hundreds of them being opened or closed. About 1,000 companies are companies with stable activity, and more than 50 percent of them are in the field of IT MOBILE.
These are very promising companies that were and are established by very talented entrepreneurs, and in many cases they develop revolutionary technology. However, as promising it is on the one hand, it also requires "Market Education" (a challenge in itself) on the other hand. There is a major challenge of making a real concept out of the technology  which will be converted to a successful business plan that will work and business operations, primarily at the global level. To achieve that, in most cases, it requires the involvement of experienced business entities and strategic partnerships in the various markets.
We chose a concept that goes beyond just business success. This concept has affected and will affect the type of companies who choose to work with us and we chose to work with them.
Naturally, it takes 2-5 years to achieve success in the specific sectors we have chosen to focus on, but on the other hand, when efforts succeed – it is great success. If the technology is unique, innovative and improves the life quality, safety and health care - we believe it will get governmental support in China
Over the last 3 years we met with hundreds of companies, and among those we "marked" around 25 of them as potential companies. We chose to give emphasis to 10-12 companies initially, and primarily we decided to focus on 6 companies that can lead to tremendous change and success in the Chinese market. 
We are now in the midst of business expansion, and after the completion of this process, we would be able to deepen our activities and work with other companies.
If you are interested in a specific company, field or cooperation, please contact us through the following link: 
We will be glad to exchange thoughts and consider the various possibilities.
 Best regards,
 Amir Yaar
 Founder and CEO 



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