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Amir Yaar, Founder & CEO of China Israel Synergy Holdings Limited
Amir Yaar is the Founder and CEO of China Israel Synergy Holdings (CISH). Amir is known as one of the leading financial entrepreneurs in Israel with the skills to develop business opportunities and “create value” based on innovative concepts. Hong Kong is the center of operations of CISH. Amir is a member of the YPO WPO worldwide organization and he is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Israel-Asia Chamber of Commerce. One of Amir's (and CISH mission)  is to contribute and allocate part of our profits to strengthen the society (in Asia, China and Israel) and help the community to enjoy new important technologies that create a better and safer society.
Board of Directors
The Board of Directors is currently being assembled and will soon be announced. Some of the Advisory Board members serve and will serve as members of the Board of Directors.


Ben Bar, Executive Director (for Israel activity) and advisor to CEO and the company Board  of Directors
Ben Bar has joined us on June 1st, 2016 as the Executive Director (for Israel activity) and as advisor to the CEO and company Board of Directors. Today Ben also serves as a Vice President of Israel – Asia Chamber of Commerce. Ben has an in-depth cultural and business knowledge of international markets in both mid- and high-tech industries, a business growth expert with an extensive experience and understanding of Asian markets.  He was responsible for the growth of a number of global companies and while living in London for 10 years and in Hong Kong for 5 years he held senior positions. Part of this time he served as a CEO for TandaPro Ltd (Hong Kong), CORALPLAN Ltd London (UK) and as Executive member & Senior VP in public companies such as Galtronics, Orbit FR and AMIAD. Ben received a Bachelor of Arts with Honors from the University of Haifa, Studied Eastern Studies in the College for Oriental Studies (London), and holds with honors an Electronic Practical Engineer from the Technion (Haifa, Israel).



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