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China and Israel, Two civilizations, both deeply rooted in the ancient world - are developing into a new era. Each has made accomplishments, developed abilities and entered the global market with an ambitious vision.
While the Chinese superpower grew through the world of production and industry, the Jewish people and Israel considered innovative technologies to be a natural resource. In the past few years much have happened between China and Israel in the investment sector but this is just the beginning – much more can happen.
China Israel Synergy, an Investment Management Group, recognized that opportunity in its early stages and saw China as the future new Silicon Valley. 
China Israel Synergy strives to duplicate its activity and success model that was created with the "west" – now with China and Asia, with the necessary adjustments and innovative business models.
We believe that Israel's technology suits China's economy line, an economy which advances rapidly and seeks balance between quantity and quality, while emphasizing the need to increase the quality levels, instead of the quantities levels.
The expression "selected" is important for us and represents our business concept : Selected key organizations and key people are supporting and  joining us, selected game changing companies are in our portfolio, selected companies and strategic investors will cooperate with us and invest in our portfolio. Our business activities will be based on selective and innovative business models.
The company "Road Show" was held in Mar-June 2015, Confirmation in July-September 2015, Fund Call Up (First closing) in October 2015, and Fund Call up (Second closing) in 2016

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