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The Opportunity and why now

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Nowadays, there is a great interest in Asia and China and Israel, both on the governmental and business level, in order to work and succeed together. The main barriers in doing so are the cultural differences and unadjusted business models and other infrastructure that is needed. We believe that these barriers hold back a lot of the activity that can be developed. Therefore, we have decided to emphasize that CISH is not a “matchmakers company”, but rather a company that creates longstanding business partnerships (Equity base) and serves as an integral part of the ongoing activity for the creation of business success and financial value.
The expected returns (in 5 years) to our investors are high and CISH management will do its best to fulfill that commitment. Additional advantage to our investors and partners is the access to the “Deal Flow” in Israel, our collaborations and combined vision and risk diversification due to investment in several sectors and a large number of companies.
In our management activity, we plan to have 18-24 promising Israeli technology companies in our portfolio in 5 years and IPO (IPO of the Asia activity) Timetable for the invested companies will gradually start in 2017-2018. We plan to establish and promote our investment arm Q3 2017 after showing delivery and ability until Q1 2017. Eventually, our management arm and investment arm will support one another and promote business success together with social contribution.
Towards Q1 2017, we plan to promote additional fundraising round (with a higher value than the value of the fundraising round of November 2015) of private investors (3-4 private “Key people") and towards the Q3 2017 we plan, together with strategic entities in Asia and China, to establish and promote the activity of our investment arm for future investments in the “Israeli Mother companies”.


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