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China Israel Synergy Holdings Limited (CISH) is a Holdings and Management Company (Hong Kong company) that was formed with the mission of bringing and assimilating Israel’s “Game Changing” and disruptive technologies in Asia and China and creating Partnerships (Equity base) that are transforming The Way We Live.
Towards Q3 2017, we plan to establish a complimentary direct investment arm in collaboration with strategic entities in Asia and China. Thus, in result we will be able to provide full scope of "eco system" to the unique companies that work with us by providing an integrated solution of management, business development, services, providing capital from time to time, etc.

CISH targets and focuses on “selective” and disruptive technologies that are relevant to the environment and life quality, including safety and quality of Air, Water and Food, Medical Devices, Clean Tech, Renewable Energy, IT mobile and new technologies that strengthen and improve people’s quality of life. One of our main missions is to contribute and allocate part of our profits to strengthen the society (in Asia, China and Israel).
With the support of the governments and additional collaborations together with leading business entities such as Deloitte in Asia , China and Israel , governmental organizations and more, the Company (since the end of 2015) :
  • Completed (November 2015) the first stage of financing with 5 private “key investors” that “are putting their mark”, assist in creating the significant change, bring their added value, experience, knowledge and the ability to promote together a mutual success.
  • Towards the completion of several strategic deals together with several of the companies in our portfolio.
  • Continuing to expand (and refresh) the portfolio (growth of approximately 40-50% during the last year) and strengthen it. Expanded its activity sector to Singapore and currently also promoting activity in Southeast Asia in general.
  • Established and continue establishing a network of strategic local partners that will serve as "boosters" and "power bases" for expansion of activity territories, whereas the headquarters is and will be in Hong Kong that will hold subsidiary in each major territory.
  • Establishing management for Hong Kong, Israel and other regions.
  • Creates business solutions following macro-economic and geo-political changes.
Towards the following year the company is expected to:

  • Complete (towards mid' 2017) the second stage of financing with additional private “key investors” that will “put their mark” too.
  • Establish (towards Q 3-4) a complimentary direct investment arm (for future investments in the “Israeli Mother companies” that are in our portfolio) in collaboration with strategic entities in Asia and China.
  • Continuing finalizing strategic deals together with the companies in our portfolio.
  • Keep expanding our portfolio - we plan to add 5-6 promising companies to our portfolio in 2017 (and to have in total 18-24 promising Israeli technology companies in our portfolio in 3-5 years and IPO (IPO of the Asia activity with those companies) Timetable for the invested companies will gradually start in 2018-2019.
  • Continuing strengthening the network of strategic local partners that will serve as "boosters" and "power bases" to the expansion of the activity.
  • Continue finalizing the establishment of the company as a structured, leading, effective and successful international corporation.
  • Promote our unique concept in terms of philanthropy and social responsibility.
Nowadays, there is a great interest in Asia and China and Israel, both on the governmental and business level, in order to work and succeed together. The main barriers in doing so are the cultural differences and unadjusted business models and other infrastructure that is needed. We believe that these barriers hold back a lot of the activity that can be developed.
Therefore, we have decided to emphasize that CISH is not a “matchmakers company” or another company that provides any service, but CISH is a company that creates longstanding business partnerships (Equity base) and serves as an integral part of the ongoing activity for the creation of business success and financial value.
Working with us, the suitable Israeli companies have many advantages and we mainly refer to those specific and unique companies that are before breakthrough, which have created a new reality and standards ( mainly in the sectors that we chose to focus on) and have revolutionary proven and working technology, reliable management that understands the notion of working in East Asia, whose IP is hard to copy, their technology has social significance and the governments in East Asia will be interested in turning these technologies to standard.

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